Printed circuit boards (PCB) are the core of today's advanced technological industry. They are used in every aspect of our lives: telephones, elevators, computers, televisions, dashboards, medical equipment, and electrical appliances.

Flexible printed circuits (FPC) address issues such as tight space constraints and/or the need for light weight, particular to products such as cellular phones, digital cameras, laptop computers, printers, PDAs, CD-ROM drives, VCD and DVD players, medical instruments, and satellites. With the rapid advances in technology, electronic components must run faster and more efficiently, compelling Original Equipment

Manufacturers (OEMs) to keep pace with customer demand
in a changing market. Manufacturers want reliable, low cost
boards that meet even the most critical design requirements
-high frequencies, fast speeds, heat dispersion, as well as
environmentally sound manufacturing processes. PCB and
FCB fabricators share the same concerns. All boards are
RoHS compliant.

As a supplier, Liconix Industries is committed to providing manufacturers with the quick production and on-time delivery of boards at low costs. This is made possible by carrying out production at our off-shore facilities. Our fabrication facilities, UL/ISO certified, are capable of producing single-sided, double-sided, multilayer PCBs (up to 40 layers). For FPCs, we have both polyimide and polyester materials. We accept a wide variety of design file formats, such as Gerber/Protel/AutoCAD. (see File Formats)

At Liconix Industries, we are committed to excellence.