Rigid Printed Circuits

  • ISO 9002 Certified
  • QS 9000 Certified
  • Underwriter's Laboratory (U.L.) Certified
Types Of Boards Single-Sided Double-Sided Multi-Layer
Material FR-1,FR-2,FR-3,
FR-4 FR-4
(up to 40)
Min. Line With/Line Spacing (mil) 5/5 3/3 3/3
Min. Hole Size (mil) 31 15 10
Material Thickness Per Customer Request
Min. distance from hole edge to board edge The thickness of
the base material
(e.g. 1/32, 1/16)
1/2 of the base
mat'l thickness
1/2 of the base
mat'l thickness
Solder Mask U.V. Cureable Liquid Photoimageable (LPI)
Gold Finger Plating No Hard & Soft Gold Hard & Soft Gold
Legend Printing As per specifications
V-Groove Yes Yes Yes
Punch & Reset Yes No No
Slot & Tabs Yes Yes Yes
Electrical Test (open short test) Upon Request Yes Yes
Production Capacity (sq. ft./month) 350,000 300,000 250,000
No. of Employees 350 1,000 1,000
U.L. Approval Yes Yes Yes
ISO-9002 Yes Yes Yes
QS-9000 Yes Yes Yes
Lead Time/New Orders 3 - 4 Weeks
Lead Time/Repeat Orders 2 - 3 Weeks
Blind Vias No Yes Yes
Buried Vias No Yes Yes
Carbon Ink Thru-hole Yes No No
Silver Ink Thru-hole Yes No No
Controlled Impedance Yes, with carbon or
silver ink only
Yes Yes